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Art of relating

Connected - Grounded - Safe

Art of relating

Connected - Grounded - Safe

Art of relating

Connected - Grounded - Safe

Art of relating

Connected - Grounded - Safe

Create a second childhood for yourself

Our participants say that the workshop promotes personal development so much that it is "almost scary".

Early coins

If relationships or life plans don't work out, this is usually based on behavior patterns learned in early childhood.


These deep imprints are difficult to change with conventional methods because they are pre-linguistic. Formed at an age before you could think in language.


But it is possible! The Ideal Parent Method helps you redesign and restructure your attachment style with effective practices.


Relationship problems?

If you're struggling with relationship problems in your life, then it's probably due to an immature attachment style. You're in good company: 32% of adults suffer from an attachment disorder.

And even for the 68% of people with mature attachment styles, the quality of relationships determines the quality of life. Reflecting on one's own relationship style strengthens self-esteem and life satisfaction.


Our approach

1. The insufficient parenting experiences are overwritten.

2. The mindset regarding yourself, the world and relationships is restructured.

3. Self-efficacy and self-esteem are developed.

4. Coping strategies for difficult relationship situations are practiced.

These are all issues that stem from childhood injuries.
With the inner ideal parent for your inner child you can resolve these issues very effectively

Now even clearer - even easier - even more effective

In the workshop you imagine the ideal parents. The whole thing was very intense and I have the feeling that it left a noticeable change.

Raphael Beese

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