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Introduction "Three Pillars Methode"

Transform Your Practice with the Three Pillar Model of Attachment Treatment!

  • Beginnt am 5. Aug.
  • Ab 95 Euro
  • Zoom-Meeting

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Are you looking for a comprehensive and holistic approach to treating attachment disturbances? Look no further than the Three Pillar Model of Attachment Treatment, developed by Dr. Daniel P. Brown and David S. Elliot, PhD. This model offers a proven framework for addressing the three pillars of secure attachment, leading to profound change and the development of a secure attachment pattern. At the core of this approach is the Ideal Parent Figure Protocol, which uses guided imagination inspired by Tibetan Buddhist meditation techniques. By repeatedly experiencing positive attachment experiences, new neural pathways develop in the brain, leading to the development of a new, secure attachment pattern. The second pillar of the model focuses on the development of metacognitive skills or mentalizing. By strengthening these skills, individuals can better understand and reflect on their own mental states and behavior, as well as those of others. This is particularly important for individuals with an insecure attachment pattern. Finally, the third pillar of the model focuses on fostering collaborative relationships. Relationships can be an invaluable resource, but for individuals with an insecure attachment pattern, they can also be a source of fear and frustration. The Three Pillar Model offers insights from attachment theory that can help individuals shape their relationships in a supportive and fulfilling way. Join us for our upcoming seminar on the Three Pillar Model of Attachment Treatment and learn how to transform yourself with this comprehensive approach to treating attachment disturbances. This seminar offers practical techniques and strategies that you can use immediately to help yourself develop a secure attachment pattern and achieve lasting change. Don't miss this opportunity to take your practice to the next level! Language: English Date: 05.08.2023 Location: Online (Zoom) Duration: 10.00-18.00 (UTC+2) Price: 95€/125€/155€ Instructors: Martin Zobel, Stefan Passvogel

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